Hold on to your talent: 3 ways internal communications can help retain your employees

Let me know if this sounds familiar. My friend was stuck in a never-ending zoom merry-go-round from her basement office for the last two years. She wanted change, so she asked her manager for new opportunities, more responsibilities and a compensation review. The response: let’s table that for later. 

But then, her luck turns. First, she’s headhunted, then quickly ushered into three video interviews with a very interested prospective employer. A few days later she gets the job offer – matching the compensation and responsibilities she requested from her manager. It happened so fast. 

The employee landscape is shifting. The Great Resignation sweeping the US is starting to seep into Canada’s borders. Since the COVID pandemic, many professionals have felt stuck, bored and unhappy at work. We’re now witnessing an unprecedented number of workers leaving their jobs across North America.

According to research by Robert Half Canada, 28% of workers plan to look for a new job in the first half of 2022 for three main reasons: 

  1. They want a salary boost to match the market.
  2. They feel under-appreciated at their company. They are looking for opportunities to achieve their full potential.
  3. They value the flexibility of remote work (either full-time or part-time).

It really is an employee’s market. So much so that 19% of employees surveyed said they would quit a job they’re unhappy in without a new one lined up. Bold moves, for sure. But the market is definitely in their favour. 

As an employer, how do you hang on to your candidates? Growth opportunities matter. Flexibility matters. Benefits and compensation matter. And how you communicate all of this matters so much.

To retain your talent – and motivate employees that may be eyeing potentially greener pastures – get serious about regularly communicating, listening to and responding to your employees. What you say is just as important as how you say it.

Build trust in your management

Don’t underestimate the power of your words. In a hybrid workplace, leaders can’t rely on meaningful, spontaneous in-person chats to build visibility and strengthen relationships. But that just means the opportunities to connect look a bit different.

These opportunities are more deliberate. And that can be a good thing. Encourage your leaders to be proactive, communicate consistently and send positive messages of recognition to their teams. Leaders can invite questions, feedback and ideas from their employees on a regular basis. This all builds trust – which strengthens employee satisfaction.

Talk about company benefits 

Your company’s benefits and other offerings truly impact the lives of employees – if they use them. Too often, benefits are only talked about around annual Open Enrolment dates. No wonder they forget how green the proverbial grass is at their own company. 

Bring your benefit programs into the spotlight. Use internal channels like your intranet homepage to feature often overlooked benefits and programs. Get savvy and engage in employee conversations about benefits on your company’s collaboration site. For a more personal touch, create information packets or scripts for your managers so they can offer real-time support to team members who may need it.

Recognize employee achievements

A little recognition always goes a long way. Encourage leaders to highlight employee wins in team meetings or get them to forward a positive email from a client. Add a simple thank you message in the CEO’s next email, blog or video message. Or bring a little fun onto your company’s intranet pages by featuring team members who are doing fun or inspiring work outside of the office (on top of all they do during the day). With little effort, your employees will know they are valued, and that their time and work are appreciated.

Think creatively. At Jack, we guide our clients in dreaming up new ways of recognizing employee accomplishments. For instance, we’ve designed town halls where managers gave their own updates, rather than department heads. This had a huge impact. Each managers’ pride and excitement around their team’s achievements reverberated throughout the employees, boosting morale in the department. 

So take the time to communicate deliberately and truthfully. Listen, respond to and grow with your employees – and celebrate your wins together. You’ll have satisfied employees who are motivated to contribute and grow their career alongside you. 

Have questions about how Jack can help you retain your talent? Reach out to us now. Your employees are too valuable to table this for later.

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