Email marketing strategy bakes up sales for small business

Email marketing strategy bakes up sales for small business

Jack Communications led email marketing for small business Le Dolci Bakery and Culinary Studio to reignite sales after the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. We created a simple, yet effective email newsletter strategy that spotlighted products and classes, and reaffirmed the company’s fun and sugary brand.

The challenge

Le Dolci, the makers of Toronto’s trendiest cakes and coolest culinary classes, was hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Bakery sales were down – there’s not a lot of need for cake without parties. Lockdowns also forced them to keep their studio doors closed for much too long.

Always the optimist, the women behind Le Dolci introduced a new calendar of virtual classes and on demand courses. The bakery also developed new (single-sized) products as well as a cake of the month program. With so much good stuff going on, Le Dolci called on Jack to market their new ideas to their loyal customers and the new followers they’d gained over the pandemic.

Our solution

Le Dolci needed to increase sales across their two businesses. After a rough year in reactionary Le Dolci also needed to refresh its brand, and remind customers of the joy cake brings. Working with a small business budget, we knew email marketing would deliver the biggest impact.

Email newsletter

After a full audit of Le Dolci’s marketing practices, we discovered they had a large email list. To tap into this potential market, we created a doable and engaging email marketing strategy. This began with setting a consistent publishing schedule and a balanced editorial calendar that balanced products and classes with insider baking tips, fun ideas, personal spotlights into the people behind Le Dolci, and inspiring looks at the creations of students of all ages and baking levels.

Course email sequencing

Le Dolci created a new 6-week online masterclass baking course to offer a more passive revenue stream. In addition to drafting content for the course sales page, we created a 3-part email sequence that could be used to promote the course at different parts of the year. A second 8-part email sequence was embedded within the flow of the course, keeping students informed of module homework and mentoring hours, celebrating their success and encouraging them to complete the next module.

The outcome

Using the power of email, we helped Le Dolci shine a spotlight on its new products, classes and programs to drive sales. Email subscribers increased after publishing each newsletter. The consistent delivery of the newsletter, our new design, catchy subject lines, personal stories, and sneak peeks into the magic behind the scenes led to a steady open rate close to 40%. Sales in the bakery were reignited and by the time Covid restrictions were lifted, the studio began to fill up with student bakers.

What makes us proud

In addition to the sugary fun we had with Le Dolci, we feel incredibly grateful to have helped a woman-led small business find success once again after the pandemic. With very clear business objectives in place, we zeroed in on a strategy that would lead directly to sales. But we did this without keeping an eye on our longer term strategy: to rekindle Le Dolci’s brand where you can buy or create the trendiest cakes in Toronto.

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