Showcasing thought leadership to promote business growth

Showcasing thought leadership to promote business growth

Jack Communications worked in-step with a boutique consulting firm to launch its founder as a leading thought leader in her field. We strengthened and amplified her messages and expertise – propelling her through a crowded market to the top.

The challenge

Tiltco, a boutique organizational strategy consultancy, was looking to strengthen its profile, attract new clients and grow its business. Founder and CEO Tineke Keesmaat was feeling hidden in a packed social marketing arena. She wanted to boost her profile as an expert in business strategy, organizational change and people leadership.

Even before we got started, Tiltco was working hard at creating top-notch content, including podcasts and videos, but was having trouble getting noticed. The CEO reached out to Jack, and we collaborated on a strategy to amplify her ideas and bolster her position as a thought leader across a range of platforms.

Our solution

Tiltco’s CEO was looking for a communications strategy to raise her profile and strengthen her position as an innovative thought leader through a coordinated multi-channel plan. We were ready to help her maximize the potential of her work.

Communications consulting and strategy

Working side-by-side, we helped define a communications strategy and plan for Tiltco, while building the founder’s presence on social media. This included carefully coordinating content to build upon and amplify the LEADERLAB podcast and Tiltco Talks video series. We also identified a messaging platform that offered value-based insights on a key set of relevant topics for her audience.

Thought leadership campaign

We wanted to get Tiltco front and centre in her market. Together, we develop a multimedia campaign focused on leading hybrid teams –  a lesser known topic at the time. Working quickly to get ahead of the crowd, we convened a group of business leaders, academics and business consultants to join one of three roundtable discussions. The insights captured were used to create a 5-part LEADERLAB podcast series and a leader playbook called Succeeding in a Hybrid World. We complemented this content with purposeful, interactive visuals for LinkedIn to build engagement, boost podcast listenership. Our social media plans were coordinated with roundtable guests, to broaden our reach well beyond Tineke’s network.

Content development

We provided our expertise in content marketing to develop a range of focussed, strategic and useful articles, videos and social posts. We also created fresh LEADERLAB episodes alongside Tineke, supporting research, guest sourcing, drafting questions and writing show notes optimized for SEO.

Content management

All of our content was carefully coordinated to build upon and amplify Tineke’s existing thought leadership work. We planned a multifaceted campaign and calendar to boost Tiltco’s profile across LinkedIn and streaming platforms. This work included preparing social assets for podcast guests with a coordinated schedule to maximize the reach of the content. We also repurposed and skillfully promoted past content to build Tiltco’s profile.

The outcome

Through a carefully planned and robust campaign, we helped elevate our client’s profile as a thought leader in organizational strategy consulting. Over the course of 9 months, we steadily built her listenership, social engagements and client base.

Specifically, Tineke’s LEADERLAB series flew to the top 10% of podcasts based on listenership. Before working with Jack, Tiltco podcasts would capture less than 40 downloads in the first week of release. With our strategy, listenership in the first week of release grew over 40% and overall downloads per month grew 25%. As the listenership of Tiltco’s podcasts grew, we were able to secure higher profile podcast guests, which boosted the quality of the content and drew in more listeners. On social media, impressions grew 10 fold with greater engagement and more commentary on each post.

What makes us proud

The success of our efforts with Tiltco was tied to the close partnership we built with its founder, Tineke Keesmaat. We worked as a conduit to draw out our client’s thoughts and ideas, and developed a communications strategy that truly reflected her vision and goals. Most notably, her strengthened position as a thought leader drew in new clients. The hybrid campaign made an impression in the market and has attracted new clients in Canada and the US – a big win for a small consultancy.

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