Home is where the blog is: Why you need to own your content

Instagram may be the spot to find your favourite recipes – but blogging is the bread and butter of your content marketing plan. Let’s walk through this. If you’re a foodie who wants to grow followers and share your fave recipes, get your start on Insta. But when it comes time to get serious about your business and publish your own recipe book, your content needs a permanent home.

Your website is where your business lives – your storefront, products and content are all showcased in one spot under your own branding, format and management. Social is the Uber driver, shuttling your clients and customers directly to you. Your website is the destination. It’s where your customer gets to know you, gets in touch and gets shopping.

What’s the problem with content living on social?

The world of social media is in constant flux. One day Facebook is the place to be, and the next it’s irrelevant. Then what happens to your content? Poof, it’s gone – kind of like a Snapchat

But your website is different. Your website is yours. Your content will always have a home in the shape and form that you choose. Your clients will be able to read your content and shop your site all in one place.

What’s the benefit of blogging?

Ever walked into Costco planning to get that new Ninja blender everyone is raving about and come out with an entire cart full of granola bars, chips, pre-made salads and way too many cinnamon buns? Exactly. 

Once customers set foot on your website, they’ll be clicking their way through your site, and hopefully filling a virtual cart with your products.

Content marketing through blogging on your website builds trust with your customers and clients. And, trust turns visitors into buyers. According to MailChimp

  • Businesses with blogs get 67% more leads than other companies
  • 47% of buyers view 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative.

This tells us that prospective clients and buyers want to learn about who you are before they do business with you. Reliable, useful content strengthens your relationship with customers. Be sure to make that content golden to secure your sales.

What makes your blog a hit?

There are 3 key aspects to rocking your blog content strategy.

  1. Planning: Create a sustainable schedule and stick to it. Look ahead at the next 4-6 months and decide how often you’ll blog: 1, 2 or 4 times a month. Be consistent.
  2. Quality: Know your audience and what types of information they’re looking for. What questions do your clients ask? What’s new in your industry? You can also go back to basics and explain your product and who you are. Remember that SEO is important, but don’t stuff your copy full of key words. Create content that matters to your stakeholders. Quality over quantity – every time.
  3. Promotion: This is where we circle back to social. Social media is an essential component of this process as it leads your customers to you. Pick a channel that makes the most sense for your business and go hard. Where does your audience get their info? You don’t need TikTok if your stakeholders are corporate-world LinkedIn users. And don’t underestimate the importance of a strong monthly newsletter. The inbox is still the place to be for targeted communication to an engaged and interested audience.

Long live the blog (right on your website)

Social is kind of like renting space for your content. So put down those roots and own your blog’s home. You’ll have the control to build, design and decorate your blog to suit all of your business’s needs. If you’d like help with a blog strategy and content, Jack is here to help. Let’s set up a chat.

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