Why authenticity will rule content marketing in 2023

We think Gen Z is on to something big. No one does social quite like this generation of digital masters, and Gen Z is all about staying real. Bye bye photo filters and a polished IG account. Perfectionism is out and authenticity is in.

When it comes to your communications – promoting a product launch or publishing your monthly newsletter – we challenge you to show up authentically in your content in 2023. Real honesty, full transparency and just being human will help you connect with your customers, clients and colleagues. 

At Jack, we believe that you can use communications to build intimacy and lasting connections with your stakeholders. This is a long-term communications strategy. It’s not about the trends, but rather consistent, steady and focused communications. Being authentic is a part of a slow marketing strategy, which we are very big fans of.

Why is being authentic so hard?

We are taught from an early age to fit into society. According to Psychology Today, we create a version of ourselves called “the Adaptive Self – the self that prioritizes fitting in, getting along, and generally doing what we’re told. This self is not without value and purpose — it helps us be functioning members of society.”

But when it comes to your content, there is huge value in being true to who you are. Customers and clients appreciate vulnerability. We are humans and we are always seeking connection with other humans over shared experiences and beliefs.

Gen Z is leading the way here. The popular BeReal app speaks to this movement. It’s about friends connecting right in the moment. No time to slap on a filter or edit your image. The app pushes out a call at a random time every day to all your friends. You then have 2 minutes to snap a pic and send it in before your time is up. 

BeReal says its app is “a new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life.” It’s not about being your adaptive self. It’s about being your true self.

How can you find your authentic voice?

Do a little soul searching and think about what really matters to you, your goals and your business. What do you want to be known for? What makes you different from your competitors? Create a strategy that reflects who you are and write it all down, so you can set the direction with your colleagues.

Here are some jump off points to help with you brainstorm authentic content:

  1. Share your struggles, big or small. Did you make a mistake? Own it. Talk about how you got there and what you did to change course. 
  2. Are you proud of something you did? Don’t hide it in a tiny bullet point in a LinkedIn post. Share it right at the top. People want to celebrate with you.
  3. Share your journey. How did you get here? Use your content to reflect on the adventures along the way. Chances are others can relate.
  4. Spill your thoughts as they happen. If you have a thought-provoking chat with a colleague or client, write it down and hit share. Don’t overthink.

Why be authentic?

Your vulnerable, honest, unpolished thoughts are the ones that stand out. People are then more likely to hit share, comment and head over to your website or profile to learn more about you. You will draw people in who are like-minded. This means you’ll do business with people who truly connect with what you’re offering – building you a loyal client base.Taking the time to explore what authenticity means to you is definitely worth it. If you’d like help building an authentic comms strategy, voice or content, we’re here to help.

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