Whoa there: Why you should slow down your marketing

Move over fast fashion. Slow fashion is creeping its way back into our closets.

Fast fashion keeps your wardrobe on trend. It’s cheap, accessible and doesn’t miss a single beat. But after a few wears and an accidental tug on the seam, that trendy piece starts to unravel. 

According to Forbes, the average American buys a new piece of clothing every five days. Clothes are cheap, even disposable. “Zara alone produces about 840 million pieces of clothing for sale in its 6,000 stores around the world each year,” writes Forbes. This comes with huge social and environmental costs.

As brands and consumers push back against fast fashion, we’re seeing a new movement. Slow fashion is about creating quality pieces in trendless designs, ethically produced to respect the people, animals and environment around us. 

Check out Encircled, a clothing company creating beautiful, premium pieces developed and made in Toronto, Canada. The clothing is incredibly versatile. Quality clothing takes more time, money and planning to develop. But if one shirt can be worn 8 different ways AND last a lifetime, they’re doing something right.

We know we’ve taken you on a bit of a fashion journey, so let’s bring this back to communications. At Jack, we’re strong believers in taking time to build relationships and trust with stakeholders through quality content, careful planning and lots of research. Slow and steady marketing has a very real place in the marketing world.

Fast vs. Slow Marketing

Fast and slow marketing strategies each have their benefits. Fast marketing pounces on the latest social trends, panders to the SEO gods and is great at making sales. It’s the Zara of the fashion world.

In the era of TikTok and Twitter, short and snappy content gets a lot of attention. But not all marketing should be Insta-relevant. Slow marketing should be an essential part of your marketing plan. Here’s why:

1. Slow marketing creates trust.

This is your opportunity to build a community with your stakeholders as they get to know who you are and what you stand for. Thoughtful, human content will highlight your expertise and value. You’ll also build loyalty with current and potential clients through well-researched blogs, podcasts and other quality content. 

2. Slow marketing is everlasting.

With a focus on slow marketing, your content will be meaningful, useful and carefully planned. Your content is part of a long-term plan, not a quick viral hit. Slow marketing has staying power. 

This way, you can use and reuse your content and the quality won’t fade. If you post a blog early in the year, come back to it often by linking to it in a newsletter, social post or a new blog. Invite your stakeholders into your world with excellent content and they’ll stick around to explore your site – which will lead to more business. 

3. Slow marketing challenges you to dig deep.

When you build a slow marketing strategy, you’re thinking long-term about your brand and services. How can you meet your business goals and work towards your vision? This requires research into your audience and competitors, while also reflecting on your brand, voice and current strategy. Take the time to get your strategy right and it will pay off.

Are you ready to take it slow?

If you’re always looking for a quick marketing hit, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to build customer loyalty. Develop your content at a “sustained and realistic pace” to demonstrate your expertise in your field. Unlike an ad or social post that screams sell, sell, sell – use your content to engage and entertain stakeholders. Share useful information that invites curiosity, provides value and builds trust in your services. Got questions? Reach out to see how we can help you build a loyal client base through slow and steady marketing.

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